December 13, 2017


Hi there, welcome to Invest in Iota.

I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey and believe one day your time in learning how to buy IOTA will pay off greatly.


Aside from running a handful of shops online, the last 12 months I have spent vigorously learning everything there is to know about Crypto Currency and have great hope for its future, specifically IOTA.  It is very hard for me not to show my passion and belief in the IOTA system but I believe one day IOTA could even top bitcoin from a value perspective.  I now have 60% of all my investments into IOTA and have already seen a nice return on my initial lay down but I see IOTA as a long-term investment and have no intentions of selling anytime soon.

This is a risky choice I have chosen to make and really hope that before anyone decides to invest in anything on cryptocurrency make sure you can afford to lose your money and make sure to learn how to reduce risk as well as setting stop limits.

I will keep adding to this site and if you have purchased using one of my affiliate links, I really appreciate it, so thank you!




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